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(from left to right) Toke, Mese and Taz

(from left to right)
Toke, Mese and Taz


Raised in Roselle, NJ, Toke – short for Token the chosen one – holds her Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Strange combination, right? But Toke’s ultimate goal is to help others and reshape society. Toke is an enthusiastic and dynamic stylist, whose keen eye and profound love for fashion developed at a young age. After accepting herself as part of the LGBT community and letting loved ones in on her lifestyle, Toke looked to fashion as an outlet, helping her to express and accept herself from within. With her strong knack for detail and fresh approach to styling, Toke’s ability to concurrently predict trends and surpass them – at the age of 27 – has solidified her role as an influence through fashion.


Mese stays in motion. Previously taken a few classes for graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Mese’s creativity blossomed, as did her self-becoming. Mese was raised in Linden, New Jersey where she partnered with long-time friends to use creativity to educate others on the LGBT community, lifestyle, and ways to improve our community. Making sure operations are running smoothly is what motivates Mese the most, and she lends her graphics skills to the Rejected Society product line. At the young age of 25, Mese hopes to help foster feelings of peace, love and blessings within the LGBT community through Rejected Society.


Taz: Artist/ Garment Constructor – is a very creative individual who knows how to mix and match different forms of art into fashion. At the age 25, her unique drive to create different dynamics through fashion, art, and entertainment is what gives her the ability to succeed as a young entrepreneur. She is a graduate of Lackawanna College, Scranton PA with an AAS in Liberal Arts. Taz has worked in the fashion retail industry as an inventory control specialist, and her passions have opened many doors to opportunities as a designer and artist. Being a part of the LGBT community, she – along with two other grade-school friends – launched the “Rejected Society” brand, a fashion line dedicated to the beautifully handsome women within the LGBT community. As an artist, she believes that her gift and talent is God-given and will uplift today’s society in many different ways!

The Mission

Rejected Society stemmed from three individuals who realized that every so called stud,butch, ag or dyke  is unique. She is an individual and the diversity among us is staggering. Self-acceptance are no longer restricted by society’s view of our womanhood, our self worth and our labels. We came together and realized that we are no longer confined to others definitions of who we are. We no longer feel constrained by the judgment of others because we are our own greatest judge. Realizing that being a stud may not mean being more masculine for some or being more dominant for others, it has everything to do with being YOU being YOU. We refuse to allow members of our subset to strictly define us and we wanted to make this known through our brand! Rejected Societyx3 purpose is not to alter anyone’s feelings. We are here to educate the eager, inspire the dreamers, motivate the believers, & support & recognize the Go-Getters.